I'm co-owner at HeadStarterz, a strategic marketing, brand and digital communication agency in Basel, Switzerland. My main focus is the development of outstanding websites and web applications and apps based on Webflow, Wized, FlutterFlow and other [visual] coding solutions.

Connect your Webflow project to third-party tools to make the most out of your website. I can integrate almost any tool and software you can think of. From Headless CMS and databases to shop and membership integrations, I connect them all to Webflow.

I use Webflow and FlutterFlow to take your idea

to the next level.

I transform the way of development to unlock speed and success.

My Approach to Work.

Close collaboration.

I work closely with graphic studios and internal graphic departments of companies to best implement designs. I make sure my customers' vision is realized while taking into account their requirements and needs.

Flexible Process.

I employ a dynamic project management approach to swiftly adapt to design changes. This enables me to guarantee timely completion and budget adherence for my clients' projects.

Developing custom solutions.

I develop custom and fully responsive solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. I work closely with my customers to ensure their requirements and needs are met.

Integration of artificial intelligence.

I integrate artificial intelligence to include automatically generated content on websites and apps. This way I can automate the content creation process and save our customers time and resources.

User-friendly interfaces

I develop user-friendly interfaces to make the operation of applications as easy as possible. I ensure that my customers' applications are easy to use and intuitive.

Integration of analytics tools.

I integrate analytics tools to analyze user behavior and optimize the website or app. I make sure my customers get insights into user behavior and can optimize their application accordingly.

Integration of social media platforms.

I integrate social media platforms to achieve a higher reach. I help my customers promote their applications on various social media platforms and increase their reach.

More about my work
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